Elopement with Elegance

The average cost of weddings can be a daunting figure to young engaged couples looking to tie the knot. However, there is a way to get the day you dreamed of and stay within a reasonable budget. One way to do this is by eloping!

As romantic as it sounds, you do not have to run away to Vegas in the middle of the night and be married by an Elvis impersonator. Eloping can be tasteful, meaningful, and executed in a loving fashion.


Finding a Location:

Find a location that sets the tone of your big day. For this styled shoot, I picked Moody Mansion in Galveston, TX. This historic venue is full of old world romantic charm and the perfect place for a private and intimate elopement.

Focus On The Details:

Focusing on a few details can have a major impact on the overall feel to your elopement. Take for example this intimate sweetheart table. The conservatory made the perfect backdrop to this chic and simple sweetheart table provided by Steffany with Rent Some Vintage. The lovely, plush floral design executed by Maryann Webb with West Side Flower Girls made an eye catching focal point!  Christi Eastham with Cecalligraphy helped to me to display a simple note that brings the elopement to full circle on the dinner plates, "It was always you". Just a simple reminder that it starts and ends with just the two of you! All of these details add up for a memorable elopement dinner!

I also love this sweet love poem displayed on the table! Ivon and Patrick with Inloft Calligraphy did an amazing job making this love note look so very sweet! The hand drawn flowers and the pink script wording made this love poem even more romantic!

Make your Elopement Feel Traditional:

By incorporating some traditional bridal images  can bring a familiar wedding feel to your elopement. Talk with your photographer to make sure they help you capture these intimate details such as your ring, your shoes, the cake, and dress details! 


Remember What It's All About:

Capture the pure moments of the two of you on this special day! Keep in mind what you want to see when you look back on this special occasion and make certain your photographer understands your vision. Our models Danielle and Vinc did just this during their "bride and groom session" as displayed here.  

Little Alice In Wonderland

I loved seeing this Alice in Wonderland Inspired baby shower come to life! I started by selecting a intimate venue that had just the right setting for this theme. The Down House Houston is perfect for any kind of shower celebration. It has an intimate semi private room that accommodates 16 people, which worked perfectly for this clients needs. 

The decor I implemented carried a distressed/preppy feel! Frayed girly bows, worn vintage books, and  classic ceramic dishes pulled the whole room together and complimented the decor perfectly.  The wood signage provided by Jaime Lewis Artistry help to set the tone for the incoming guest as they were able to receive a sense of the theme as soon as they walked through the worn, chippy front door.

My favorite decor pieces were the Alice in Wonderland Peg Dolls and the custom cake topper! Both added a mature and sweet sentiment to this intimate baby shower!

I hope you enjoy and are inspired! 

Source: http://www.brittanycosseyphotography.com/

Themed Maternity Shoot Ideas

Date Night Maternity Shoot:

As shown here, this date night at the carnival theme is a fun way to show your little bundle of joy how excited you are about their arrival!  What I love most about this concept is that your are able to act naturally with out to much posing. Take a stroll on Pleasure Pier, grab a pop-sickle, and have some good ol’ fashion fun to show that although your parents now, you still know how to have a good time! The festive colors of Pleasure Pier made for an excellent backdrop as Leah and Dustin walked hand in hand on their date night. Sharing a sweet kiss by the vintage inspired carousel was the perfect ending to this entertaining maternity shoot! 

Just Mommy & Me:

A very special way to remember your baby bump is through a milk bath maternity session! A beautiful garden tub lined with fresh floral buds and greenery made for a relaxed and serene enviroment as displayed here. Leah and her bump posed with such elegance during this session which resulted in the sweetest images for this mom to be!

Source: http://www.fulleylovephotography.net/

Wedding Bar Ideas


While guest waited for the reception doors to open, they grabbed a box of popcorn at this self serve popcorn bar. Loved seeing the guest enjoy their gourmet snack and best of all, it was easy and affordable to implement! 


Wedding Cake Loves Coffee & Tea Bar

Wedding Cake and Coffee go hand in hand! So I implemented this adorable coffee and tea bar with a vintage flare! I used an antique silver coffee set and lined the edge of the table with  Harney and Sons tea can with dried flowers. It was the perfect set up for this sweet wedding! 


S'more  Bar

Loved  Seeing this S'more Lovin Favor bar come to life! This was put into place just for the kiddos at this backyard bbq wedding. towards the end of the receptions we broke out the skewers and started a campfire! The children were entertained and enjoyed their wedding favors right there on the spot!  


At The Edge of The Bar 

Sometimes you just want to send a message that says "HEY DRINKS OVER HERE!" I loved adding just a touch of decor to this wooden bar by implementing lace wrapped bottles and a rustic garland banner! 


Selfie Serve Bar 

At this backyard bbq wedding, the bride wanted guest to be all hands on. So we incorporated this self serve bar with wine, beer, and soft drinks for guest to help themselves to. I added a 6ft lace backdrop that served at a duel selfie station. Guest loved the ease of getting a drink, and having a photo opp all in one! 


Take A Seat & Enjoy the Vibe!

It's all about "The Vibe".  It motivates our choices, influences our mood, and is one of the key ingredients in successfully communicating; especially when it comes to client/planner relationships.  Therefore, one of the first questions I ask in a consultation is "How do you want to feel the day of your event?" It's important to build trust not only through my clients requested tasks, but also through the sentimental vibe they want to feel and bestow on their guests.  So, take a seat at Tammy's Table & enjoy the vibe!

Source: http://www.fulleylovephotography.net/

Victorian Bridal Shower (Styled Shoot)

From Chic Brown Brides: We love unique ideas for bridal showers, especially those that cater to your style as a bride. Today, we’re sharing bridal shower inspiration with a Victorian flare. Our favorite part? The incredible attention to detail and vintage feel from the tea cups to the brides dress. Take a look below and get inspired!

This styled shoot was put together for the  Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. They hosted a three day weekend for writers and editors on the best places to get married in Galveston, TX. I was reached out to by Leah Cast to decorate the Lasker Inn as if we were at a real bridal shower so the writers could optimize the experience for their articles. 

I wanted to inspire brides to have a classic and timeless bridal shower! This styled shoot oozzes with fine attention to the details. Debra Mason with Fulley Love Photography did an amazing job capturing these images and truly help create the story for this beautiful shower! I placed emphasis on adding Victorian flare to the dessert table and main table with vintage dishes, tea pots, and kept the color pallet soft. Also, I wanted to bring in the Victorian element with the models wardrobe as well as, The Ivy Retreat helped me accomplish this with ease! Elaine Johnston with EJohnston designs, added a romanticized flarewith  her beautiful arrangements that centered the tablescape.  I wrapped vintage books in fine paper from papersource and pulled out all my toys from inventory that gave a old Victorian vintage flare.  My favorite part from the table aside from everything, was a gold casket box where I placed teabag cookies in from CaseBakes. It was such a small detail but had such a powerful presence at the table.  Overall, I loved seeing this styled shoot come together and hope that I inspired brides to take this look and make it their own!” 

Source: http://www.fulleylovephotography.net/

Beachfront Babymoon


From The IBT Girls: This pretty family maternity session doubles as a babymoon! We love all the creative ideas Tammy’s Table came up with for this couple and their daughter to enjoy. A sweet desert brunch that served as a ‘day date’ for mom and dad, and a beachfront maternity make up the sweet session. Tammy shares more about her vision for the beautiful babymoon maternity with us below!

We wanted to show that couples can turn an average maternity shoot into a luxury babymoon getaway. This shoot took place in Galveston, TX at one of the luxury beach house rentals. Having time together as a couple before the baby arrives can be a beautiful thing and we hope we displayed that kind of inspiration within these photos!



We shot this at a luxury beach house rental complete with a private beach just steps away.

We wanted to inspire expecting couples to take a vacation or a ‘staycation’ as this family did; enjoy each others company and reflect on the journey they will begin before the baby arrives. This can be done with a special brunch, lunch, or a ‘dessert only treat’ as we displayed.

I also loved this part of the session! We asked the entire family of three to come out by the private beach just off the rental house to take family portraits. These photos do have a traditional feel, but the props added great sentiment.

In Loft Calligraphy created a custom book “My Book of Baby Names”. I was inspired to have this book created because while I was pregnant I would write down different name ideas on sticky notes which would end up lost. If I had a journal like this I would have used it, plus, it serves as a great memento. Since we were on the beach it only seemed right to have a shell with the family name hand written on it along with a single lace sailboat. Lovely prop idea and again can be used as a memento or family heirloom. Finally, the Cast family was amazing and so great to work with!



Source: http://www.fulleylovephotography.net/