Beachfront Babymoon


From The IBT Girls: This pretty family maternity session doubles as a babymoon! We love all the creative ideas Tammy’s Table came up with for this couple and their daughter to enjoy. A sweet desert brunch that served as a ‘day date’ for mom and dad, and a beachfront maternity make up the sweet session. Tammy shares more about her vision for the beautiful babymoon maternity with us below!

We wanted to show that couples can turn an average maternity shoot into a luxury babymoon getaway. This shoot took place in Galveston, TX at one of the luxury beach house rentals. Having time together as a couple before the baby arrives can be a beautiful thing and we hope we displayed that kind of inspiration within these photos!


We shot this at a luxury beach house rental complete with a private beach just steps away.

We wanted to inspire expecting couples to take a vacation or a ‘staycation’ as this family did; enjoy each others company and reflect on the journey they will begin before the baby arrives. This can be done with a special brunch, lunch, or a ‘dessert only treat’ as we displayed.

I also loved this part of the session! We asked the entire family of three to come out by the private beach just off the rental house to take family portraits. These photos do have a traditional feel, but the props added great sentiment.

In Loft Calligraphy created a custom book “My Book of Baby Names”. I was inspired to have this book created because while I was pregnant I would write down different name ideas on sticky notes which would end up lost. If I had a journal like this I would have used it, plus, it serves as a great memento. Since we were on the beach it only seemed right to have a shell with the family name hand written on it along with a single lace sailboat. Lovely prop idea and again can be used as a memento or family heirloom. Finally, the Cast family was amazing and so great to work with!