Creating a Memorable Proposal

It's one of those "forever told" stories that a couple never forgets and a prelude into the journey you're about to take as one. Similar to marriage, the proposal formulates a once in a lifetime memory that will be cherished throughout your days together.  To help those planning a proposal, There are three key elements that can formulate a memorable proposal.

 Plan, Amaze, and Encapsulate!

Plan Your Proposal from the Heart

It’s more than just pulling a ring out of your pocket and getting your knee dusty. Planning a proposal takes months of advance planning, and of course a good starting point is picking out a fitting engagement ring! By this time you may have already received a few indications regarding the style of ring she likes best. Take those hints and visit a jeweler that can help you create a custom ring that is best suited your future fiance.  This ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds is simply remarkable and one of a kind. You can’t help but drop your jaw as soon as you see it and she will too!

Next, pick an exact location that gives off that old saying “love is in the air”!  There are just some locations that exude romance and The Gallery is certainly one of them.  This venue radiates with French-Mediterranean charm and its beautiful architecture simply makes for a breathtaking atmosphere which in turn will help you create a breathtaking proposal. Also, don't forget to set the table! Adding an intimate table setting to your selected location will show the great deal of planning you've done to make this moment special.  

Finally, take time to map out exactly what you want to say in this special moment. I personally love the idea of this custom written proposal created by In Loft Calligraphy. It’s complete with an exact illustration of the proposal and stamped with an unforgettable expression of love! Presenting a custom note is a beautiful keepsake that can be kept forever, and with all the excitement and blinding bling, she will always have a way to look back and remember exactly how you proposed, right down to the very word.

Amaze Her with style!

Getting engaged in the lucky hat she bought you years ago is a cute idea, but if your asking her in a public location you will want to  look presentable and suited for this special occasion. I guarantee that  after you get your knee dirty, you can count on your now fiance wanting a shot of you two together. So, find a stylish suite that makes it hard to say no.

In addition to your stunning attire, amaze her with a thoughtful proposal outfit as well! This beautiful dress from BHLDN screams I’m in love and my heart is twirling around with anticipation.  and these dazzling high-heeled shoes create the perfect addition as she steps into your new journey.  Also, send her to get her hair and makeup done before the big evening together! A pretty outfit and chic makeup application  will send your soon to be fiancée out the door looking and feeling her best! 

Encapsulate The Moment

Finally, the best way to create a memorable proposal is by the means taken to capture it! The look on her face when she realizes that the proposal is actually happening is an expression you will want to hold on to for a lifetime. This is why I encourage you to hire a photographer that can truly encapsulate the emotion and reaction of your future wife. Debra Mason with Fully Love Photography is one of my absolute favorite photographers to work with. Her attention to an individual expression and personal details is like none other!  After all that preparation you will want to be able to relive the story through those magical images. Plus, these photos can serve as a save the date for your upcoming day! 

Although planning, surprising, and encapsulating are the base elements to your memorable proposal, this momentous experience in its self if specific to the individual your presenting the question to. With that said, the final element to the perfect proposal is you! After all, you’re the one thing she can’t live without!