Themed Maternity Shoot Ideas

Date Night Maternity Shoot:

As shown here, this date night at the carnival theme is a fun way to show your little bundle of joy how excited you are about their arrival!  What I love most about this concept is that your are able to act naturally with out to much posing. Take a stroll on Pleasure Pier, grab a pop-sickle, and have some good ol’ fashion fun to show that although your parents now, you still know how to have a good time! The festive colors of Pleasure Pier made for an excellent backdrop as Leah and Dustin walked hand in hand on their date night. Sharing a sweet kiss by the vintage inspired carousel was the perfect ending to this entertaining maternity shoot! 

Just Mommy & Me:

A very special way to remember your baby bump is through a milk bath maternity session! A beautiful garden tub lined with fresh floral buds and greenery made for a relaxed and serene enviroment as displayed here. Leah and her bump posed with such elegance during this session which resulted in the sweetest images for this mom to be!