Day of Event Coordinator

“Should I hire a Day of Event coordinator”? The answer is YES, a thousand times Yes!

On this special day the bride and groom should focus on the journey they’re about to take with each other. Before the ceremony it’s best to reflect on your relationship leading up to this day and to anticipate what the future has in store for you. More than likely you’ll be surrounded with friends and family helping you get into your dress and making sure every hair is laid perfectly. You hear the music start and in a few moments all eyes will be on you as you take center stage to walk down the aisle.

This will be hard to do if you’re the one signaling the DJ and directing the wedding party out the door! Everyone has seen your dress because you were ushering the guest to their seats and when you near the end of the reception your pinkie toe is screaming in those fabulous heals after walking back and forth to dismiss guests to the buffet line! Leave details such as these to your planner. You’ve worked diligently on your special day; now enjoy what’s really important, you won’t want to miss out!